OM Westport offers complementary health sessions to support your personal growth, health and wellness. Health promoting modalities currently on offer include; GONG SOUND MEDITATION-Groups & Individual Sessions, SOUND HEALING-Individual sessions, REIKI-Individual sessions and Stress Management-Individual & Groups. Contact: to book your appointment.

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Sound for Relaxation and Wellness: Reflection Centre Castlebar

You’re welcome to join me for a 1-hour Gong Sound Meditation in CASTLEBAR at the REFLECTION CENTRE, Westport Road on Wednesday mornings.

I use high quality therapeutic Gongs & Solfeggio Healing Pipes to create frequencies of sound to help balance and harmonise your body and mind.

Many people report receiving a deep sense of tranquility, reduced stress and improved sleep after a Gong Sound Meditation.

No previous experience is needed. Just lie down, close your eyes and the sounds will tune your frequency.

Individual sessions available by request.


Session 1:  Prompt start at 10am  – 11:am.

Session 2:  Prompt start at 11:30am – 12:30

Exchange per session; €15 (Concession €12).

Facilitated by; Margaret Carroll, Certified Gong Sound Practitioner, College of Sound Healing UK



Symphonic Gong & Solfeggio Healing Pipes