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2020 Castlebar Reflection Centre: Sound for Wellness and Self-Care (Wednesday Morning 1-hour sessions)

Sound for Wellness and Self-Care on Wednesday morning, March 11th

  • A relaxing ‘1-hour session’ in the presence of Sound,
  • With high quality Therapeutic ‘Gongs’, and
  • ‘Solfeggio Healing Pipes’, which
  • Create frequencies to balance and harmonise your Body, Mind and Spirit.

WHEN:   Wednesday mornings – Regular weekly session: next date March 11th

For your convenience, there is a choice of two sessions. Booking advisable!

  • Session 1: 10am – 11am (Prompt start)
  • Session 2: 11:30am – 12.30pm (Prompt start)

WHERE:  CASTLEBAR REFLECTION CENTRE, Westport Road, Castlebar, Co Mayo. F23 XK52

COST:         €15 per session, (Concession €12).
(For your comfort, please bring a blanket and cushion. Mat is provided.)

CONTACT:    Margaret 087 653 4425 or Email:

Facilitated by:     Margaret Carroll

Margaret is a Certified Gong and Sound Healing Practitioner with the College of Sound Healing UK, a Humanist Psychotherapist and a REIKI Master with a vast level of experience of over thirty years, both personally and professionally.

Sound can help create deep states of relaxation through altering our brainwaves.

It has profound effects on our nervous system, bringing us in to a more relaxed state where healing can occur.

No previous experience is required, just lay down close your eyes and allow the sounds to tune your frequency.

The body is made up of 70% water. Sound and vibration travels up to five times more effectively through water so this is a perfect modality for healing at a cellular level.

There are many benefits to sound healing; receiving a deep sense of peace and tranquillity, reduced stress, improved sleep and a more relaxed nervous system to name a few.

It is effortless. You can lie or sit in a comfortable position (fully clothed), the sound does the work.


Castlebar Reflection Centre: Symphonic & Venus Gongs, Solfeggio Healing Pipes


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