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Sound for Wellness: Covid-19 period

Margaret Carroll invites you to join her on FaceBook for her offering of Sound for Wellness sessions during the Covid-19 period. Most Tuesday evening’s for 40 mins approx and some Sunday afternoons too. All welcome! A gift for you!

Blessing in Chaos by Jan Richardson

To all that is chaotic in you

Let there come silence.

Let there be a calming

Of the clamouring,

A stilling of the voices

That have laid their claim on you,

That have made their home in you,

That go with you even to the holy places,

But will not let you rest.

Will not let you hear your life with wholeness

Or feel the grace that fashioned you.

Let what distracts you cease.

Let what divides you cease.

Let there come an end to what diminishes

And demeans, and let depart

All that keeps you in its cage.

Let there be an opening

Into the quiet that lies beneath the chaos

Where you find the peace you did not think possible,

And see what shimmers

Within the storm.

02/06/2020 Sound for Wellness with Margaret Carroll