OM Westport offers complementary health sessions to support your personal growth, health and wellness. Health promoting modalities currently on offer include; GONG SOUND MEDITATION-Groups & Individual Sessions, SOUND HEALING-Individual sessions, REIKI-Individual sessions and Stress Management-Individual & Groups. Contact: to book your appointment.


Olivia Varley and Margaret Carroll are delighted to offer complementary health treatments to support your personal growth, health and wellness.

 We are currently offering:
  • Gong Sound Healing: Individual sessions by appointment
  • Gong Sound Meditation for Groups: Scheduled at various venue – queries welcome
  • Gong Sound for Stress Management: Group & individual – by appointment
  • Sound  Healing: Individual sessions by appointment
  • Reiki: Individual sessions by appointment
Contact: to book your appointment.


Gong Sound Meditations:

Immersion in healing sound to rejuvenate, nurture and re-balance your physical, emotional and spiritual being by tuning the physical body to the greatest possible resonance. The Gong sounds harmonise each cell and bringing it into balance.

During a Gong Sound Meditation, listeners typically experience a sense of connectedness and peace as the sacred sound of the gong clears blockages and restores the free flow of vital energy throughout the body.

Group Meditations: Scheduled at various venues – queries welcome.

Individual sessions:  Available by appointment.


Sound Healing:

Supporting the balancing of the body’s energy centres through sound vibration.

Individual sessions: Available by appointment.



Reiki means “universal life energy”.  Its purpose is to supply the body with additional energy which it can use for healing itself.

Individual sessions:  Available by appointment.


Stress Management:

We all meet stress in our everyday lives. An opportunity to explore ways to navigate our daily stressors by developing stress management techniques.

Individual sessions:  Available by appointment.

Group  sessions: Available by arrangement-queries welcome.

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